Below you will find the pre-surgical instructions as well as hospital addresses. If you have any questions regarding your surgery please contact our surgery scheduler, Tiffanie, at (614) 291-5555

Continue to scroll down to find hospital addresses.


Pre-Surgical Instructions

  1. Do not eat solid foot after 8:00pm the day before your surgery. Between 8:00pm and midnight you may have clear liquids. This includes: tea, broth, jello, 7-up, apple juice, Popsicles, white grape juice and water. DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING AFTER MIDNIGHT!
  2. Do not smoke 1 week prior to surgery
  3. Take a shower or bath the night before or the morning of surgery
  4. Do not wear jewelry, makeup, nail polish or hair pins
  5. Wear casual, loose-fitting clothing
  6. Please leave all valuables at homekaplansky-outdoor-sign
  7. A responsible adult must be available for transportation. You are not allowed to drive. A responsible adult must stay with you for 24 hours following your surgery
  8. Please take your health insurance card with you to the surgery center the day of surgery
  9. You will be given a post operative instruction sheet by the doctor before you are discharged, be sure to follow these instructions
  10. Be sure to have your prescriptions filled before you go home after your surgical procedure.
  11. Do not take aspirin seven days prior to surgery
  12. Do not drink alcohol the day before surgery

Hospital Addresses


Ohio State University Hospital East:
1492 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43205

Grant Bone and Joint Center:
323 E Town Street,
Columbus, OH 43215

Taylor Station Surgical Center:
275 Taylor Station Rd,
Columbus, OH 43213

Doctor’s Hospital West:
5100 W Broad St
Columbus, OH 43228

Mount Carmel East Hospital:
6001 E Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43213

St. Anns Hospital:
500 S Cleveland Ave,
Westerville, OH 43081